Search Enging Ranking

WalkinWebstore Search Engine Ranking

When someone queries a search engine for a keyword related to your site's products or services, does your page appear in the top 10 matches or does your competition?  If you're listed, but not within the first two pages of results, you lose.

Search Engine Ranking Program

• First Page Ranking on Three Major Search Engines under the Keywords that you give to us.
• R & D Keyword Search. WalkinWebStore will search all the majors search engines for your keywords, and give the results: How often your keyword is search in a 24 hour period on each search engine, what is the competition, and what is the monthly predicted amount for that word. This will help on finding niche words...less competition, better chances for higher ranking.
• Web site optimization, changing text, meta tags, anchors, Alt Tags plus much much more.
• Monthly web site submission to all the major search engines, US search engines, and International search engines.
• Link Popularity. Many search engines look for Links to your web site. WalkinWebStore will find Non-Competitive web sites and create a Link Exchange program.
• After three months we can begin reporting when your web site is ranked under the keywords that you gave. (Upon Request Only)This will show what search engines you are listed under, what keywords, what page and position on that page.

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